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caresoicus is software company that support a better connected world in healthcare with easy to use solution. We are a global and trusted resource on the internet for patients across the world looking to find the right doctors and treatments - based on criteria that matter to them.

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Increase your digital visibility and attract more patients

Patients are empowered today to search for their medical options - at home, nation-wide or even across countries. We believe that any clinic should be discoverable when patients look for the right doctor.

Trust-building in a high growth online market

Every patient treated and clinic review will increase confidence in you. Historical performance matters and every single patient treated from today will build trust needed to tap into more patients streams tomorrow.

Build your reputation - nationally and worldwide

Strengthen your online presence by being listed among the top medical providers around the world and receive verified patient feedback. You will bring your services to national and international patients and gain reputation in previously uncovered markets.

Get market insights for free

You will gain valuable insights of how many patients consider your service and how you are faring against your competition. You will be able to make informed marketing decisions for existing and new treatments based on your performance.

Scale your Patient Service with 24/7 support

You will always be available - no matter if patients call in from home, Europe, America or the Far East. With our easy management solution you will have a new way to get new customers from everywhere. caresocius video tools are active for you 24 hours, 7 days a week.

We at caresocius believe that everyone deserves easy access to high quality doctors trough digitalization. Learn more about our company based in switzerland, Basel here.

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