Modern Slavery Statement


Who we are

Caresocius AG, along with its affiliate companies (hereinafter, “Caresocius”), is a multinational group devoted to making health travellers happy. Caresocius, which started operating in 2019, is a fast-growing startup that offers a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) to book health travel. We work with providers of travel services (agencies, flights, trains, car rental and accommodation) and health services (clinics, doctors and wellness resorts) for the benefit of our customers, companies and patients. Caresocius is also served by cyber security technology providers, who contribute security technologies to Caresocius' state-of-the-art services.

Caresocius operates online with a global reach and is open to the world and empathetic to all cultures and perspectives. Caresocius is strongly committed to ethical practices. This statement sets out the steps Caresocius has taken to prevent acts of modern slavery and human trafficking from occurring in its business and supply chain during the end of each financial year.

Organisational Structure

Caresocius AG has subsidiaries in UK, Germany, Bahrain as well as an affiliate company in Morocco, Inc. Caresocius is headquartered in Switzerland, with regional offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Bahrain and operates online with global reach. The group is composed of a highly talented team composed of more than 10 employees.

Our commitment to ethics

Caresocius is committed to ensuring there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains or in any part of our business. Caresocius only outsources a small part of its supply chain in respect of customer care services to some companies in the Philippines and Pakistan. All of these companies have to accept our "Code of Suppliers", which clearly puts forth the supplier’s requirements and obligations to (amongst others) promote fair working conditions, wages and benefits to their employees. Caresocius deals with its suppliers and providers at arm’s-length. To ensure those in our supply chain and contractors comply with our values and ethics all our outsourcing providers are subject to the Caresocius Supplier Code of Conduct which reflects our commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships.

Under such Code, suppliers commit to respect human rights by treating workers with dignity & respect, not discriminating in their hiring or employment practices, prohibiting the use of child labour, providing a safe and fair working environment and compliance with all local laws. Contractual agreements with outsourcing companies also contain provisions requiring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

In 2019 Caresocius, labour law experts joined our human resources team. We have also created an in-house legal team. This team is also closely aligned with Caresocius’s Information Security Team. Caresocius also has a Code of Conduct applicable to all its employees. The Code sets out guidelines about expected behaviours by our employees and compliance with applicable laws, as well as providing a process for employees to raise concerns / complaints.

Due diligence processes for modern slavery and human trafficking

As part of our initiative to identify and mitigate risk the Caresocius leadership team has personally visited our outsourcing suppliers’ premises to verify labour conditions.

Caresocius believes in dialogue to assess the respect to human rights found in its supply chain and to foster long term relationships to the benefit of trust and productivity.

Future steps

Caresocius intends to launch a whistleblowing channel for its employees during 2020. The aim of the channel will be to ensure that Caresocius’s employees are fully aware that they should report suspicions or concerns about any wrong doing, unethical practice or illegal acts on the part of any employee or supplier of Caresocius and be assured that information received will be treated seriously, in line with best practice and applicable law, and as far as possible confidentially.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our modern slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year-end 31 December 2019.


Mohammed Yassin BLAL



Caresocius AG - Switzerland